Character design research


Pastorrro said...

No No no jaka oldschoolowa kreska ;)
Podoba się ! :)

Yati said...

Hey Artur, your work is really inspiring ...so cool styles and characters. Awesome!.. Glad you dropped on my blog ..i got to see yours.
p.s. awesome research in a current post.

Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual :)

Artur Gorczynski said...

thanks guys!

Yati: I appreciate it a lot!

hans bacher said...

very nice characters. interesting style.
can you give me some info about PATH OF HATE,
that is or was produced by your studio?
thank you

Artur Gorczynski said...

Thank you Hans!
If you think about "paths of hate" short animation, look here: http://community.platige.com/news/3
That's all I know.

olgastern said...

I really like these character designs.
Really awsome shapes.